White Spotted Tooth

Ever look in a mirror, concerned over a white spot on your teeth? There are many reasons why your teeth can develop white spots, indicating various levels of severity. In most cases, these white spots mean that the enamel has experienced a loss of mineral content, often caused by the acidity of plaque surrounding the tooth. In more severe cases, white spots are known as white spot lesions and are the direct result of teeth deterioration. A white spot lesion is characteristically chalky and serves as visible evidence of tooth decay.

This could easily be an indication of an oncoming cavity, which is why oral hygiene is very important. Having a proper diet is very important to avoiding white spots due to the acidity levels in food.

Your dentist may be able to reduce the appearance of white spots, but it depends on:

  • What caused the spots
  • White spot size
  • Destruction of the enamel

As soon as you see white spots on your teeth, you should visit your dentist. White spots could happen to be nothing but if they are a result of something more serious, it's best to catch it as early as possible.

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