Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush

Which is better; an electric or a manual toothbrush? If you have a really good brushing technique, you will have the same results no matter which you pick. If your technique isn't the best, maybe switching to an electric toothbrush wouldn't be so bad. If you don't have any problems with plaque or if you don't brush too hard, a manual toothbrush would be best.

If you can master the technique of brushing, then you will be able to use a manual toothbrush. You can achieve the perfect balance by removing all the plaque from the gumline and not pressing too hard which would cause damage to the teeth and gums. So, the perfect technique involves lighting brushing, but brushing everywhere.

Many people struggle to find the perfect balance of brush, therefore an electric toothbrush would be best. The electric toothbrush acts as a guide as it glides around your teeth. It is really helpful for people with arthritis or other disabilities because the bigger handle is easier to hold.

At Garden State Smiles, new patients get a FREE Sonicare Electric toothbrush if they schedule and go to their consultation, which includes an exam and xrays.

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